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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

second - love

I have internet crushes. I like blogs, lots of blogs...and we aren't going to talk about friendster, myspace, or facebook and definitely don't get me started on Flickr... oh, pictures, you are so good to me. This Valentine's day I'll tell you a bit about a few of my virtual visiting grounds... my virtual neighborhood, if you will. Most of my neighbors are people I have met, sometimes after I have visited their blog.

We'll start chronologically... though, like the internet, it won't stay that way for long.

The first time I heard of blogs they were called web journals - livejournal and the like, way back in 2001. The first I remember reading was of a troubled and insecure college student. I found her link on a quirky "hot or not: Meet me" photo. (side note: I was living in a state where I didn't know anyone but my two bosses, their cats, and the cute blockbuster girl - please forgive the "hot or not" reference).

The next blog I was introduced to was written by Dave. This was around the same time TaTu had its moment of fame - I remember because he told me of these girls who would make out on stage. Thanks Mr. Moldawer. I see him 2 or 3 times a month. He retired from his blog and past the torch to someone I only knew as "sure thing". I was a hesitant reader at first. Then I met her at a Greenestreet Salon, and she wasn't so bad... and she turned into a pretty darn good blogger. I see her once every 4 - 6 months.

I started reading christian's blog following a link from Fancy Robot. I read his blog and he reads mine. I am sure he is a fantastic teacher, and though I have only met him once, I'm sure he's a fantastic person too.

One of the people who ran said Salon (now retired though it is still linked on the side... maybe I have hope...) is Mike Arauz. Though he doesn't have a blog, per se, he does have the best artistic taste of any person I know. I see him an inconsistent 3 times a month. He introduced me to Erin who has a friend named Amanda who has a humorous and honest blog. I've only met Amanda once at a wine tasting party. Erin also showed me the joy of Andy Milonakis whose blog recently died. It, like him, is/was funny. I've seen him perform once.

Mike also introduced me to Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere. He, a funny and original person, knows a lot of funny and original people. I only see him when I take pictures for him, though I probably should just hang out too. He knows Kate and Kula. I see them on some missions.

Mike was in an improv group with the Brian and Eliza who date Robyn and Will, respectively. Robyn's blog is young - give her encouragement. Will runs a fantastic site - Channel 102, which I explained earlier. I see robyn and brian a few times a month. Will... well, we haven't hit the hug stage yet, but I think it might be there soon at the end of this month... though I may have to force it a bit.

My friend Kate and I are cutting out the middle man (the people that introduced us) and getting straight to the rockin'. Her blog is new, visit, link, love and then watch as we destroy the internet together.

Then I have a college friend or two - both live out of town and have not kept up their blogs.

A brother and a mom, also not so good with keeping up their blogs- bet very faithful readers.

A stranger, funny, talented... don't know how I found his page.

The roommate and his "makes a living from my blog" brother.

The uncategorizable Meljo. She is in philly... one day she will be closer.

One of my earliest readers from over the pond.

Then my flickr friends, Gene - who I met once at a meet up... I really should go to more of those, dorks must stick together. BrianVan, we have been at the same events and didn't even know it, is killing one of his blogs. The other brian has some very dense insightful entries. He lives in CA for now. Lauren is the person I know best for never meeting, though I haven't heard from her lately... computer problems and whatnot.

So, those are some of my blogging, talented friends. I have blog-crushes on you all. Happy Valentine's Day.


David said...

Moldawer. Moldawer. It's in your darn sidebar, man.

Snow White said...

Uh, oh, Puff's MAD.
And is he really "The" Brian. Like "The Donald?" If so, that's pretty cool.

chad said...

moldawer... gotcha. done.

yes. he is "the". no doubt about it.

Meljo said...

One day. One day soon....

chad said...