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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Pre-Christmas routine

I have stayed up way past my bed time on Christmas eve once again. This time I was watching "miracle on 34th st." - it's cute... even the new version.

No, my gifts aren't wrapped yet... get off my back.

I figured I would share with all of you my family's christmas routine in photos.

It starts with my mom's side of the family.

We have dinner
dinner was good
my dad's little friend

and then coffee and then exchange gifts - white elephant style...
not everyone is a winner in white elephant

For those of you who have never given or received ala white elephant - you are missing out. We start with the oldest person choosing a gift. The next youngest can either take an unwrapped gift or tempt fate with a wrapped gift. Not all of the gifts are good, not all are bad. It is a bit luck, and a bit strategy.

Then we play.

Now, for the other side of the family there are a few more long-standing traditions. It is held on christmas eve. It used to be semi-formal, but now it has become a formal event.
random sampling

Everyone shows up, we mingle. whores de overs are served.

Santa shows up.
Ho Ho Ho!

He gives gifts.
present time!

We sing.

We take a photo.
half of the fam...

He leaves.
goodbye santa!

We eat. a Lot.
small table

Now, at this point is when I don't have any photos, but it is true... I sing the "Muffin Man" and call people at my will to solo in front of everyone about their knowledge of the muffin man and where he resides. This has been going on for around 40 years. I am probably the 8th muffin man and I have been doing it for about 5 years... whew.

Everyone gets scared, then it is over and we laugh. ha ha. We have the results of the guessing games (how many candies... how much money is in the jar). Then we may sing some more (this isn't as old of a tradition - but we are instituting a new "twelve days of christmas" bit.

the E is for Ed.

Then we have dessert, run around the house, play with our new toys and try to get everyone tired so that they will fall asleep faster.

Maybe later you can hear about christmas day...


Anonymous said...

That was a very nice picture book story of our christmas!


Nancy said...

You have a wonderful talent in story- telling and photography.

I'm glad you are home.

Merry Christmas.

Love you,