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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Response that got a bit too long, so here.

I practice mybumhurta yoga.

I actually don't know, my practice has been so scattered over the past 8 or so years, I know how to do everything, I just don't know how to do it well.

but this is where I was.

as for those kids again... I really couldn't help smiling as they pass with huge eyes, and just wanting to touch the snow.

I spent my childhood in the water, snow, or trees.
swim, dive, sail, swim some more, canoe- ski, cross country ski, sled, toboggan (there are scars) snowmen, many forts - tree climbing and tree houses.

I don't know how to play in the city as well as the middle of nowhere.

Do parents send kids, "Out to play" for a few hours unsupervised?
Can they ride their bikes for half a day?
When do you allow riding on the subway alone?
As for kids now - when do you get cell phones? I read this great article (tried to find the link, I actually read the hard copy of the New Yorker) about an eighth grader who had to act like it was another year for a day - he chose a week of 1992. He was amazed at "Notes" passed back and forth... it is all text messages now.
We have a 3 year old who lives above us, the most exercise she gets is running back and forth across the apartment.
What time is dinner? (In Minnesota 5:30 - 6, no later. My whole family ate together)

I really liked growing up.


I really like growing up.

My Trapeze Teacher's Trapeze Teacher (T4) asked me what good happened this year.

I had a great year. Abbreviated version - Got a job on a film. Got lots more jobs 'cus I got along with people. Took a show to Scotland. Started thinking about building a Space. Grew a beard. Went to Africa. All while trying to play with my friends as much as possible.

I only regret a couple things in life (and that had to do with how I treated a couple people - and since then I have been forgiven), But I wouldn't have done anything differently.



Lucius O. Nicholson said...

Daer brother of mine, I want more hip hop music. As i scrolled through my library, and looked at old stuff I rembered for about a week I was really into a character called "Rabbi Darkside" but because i could not purchase anything or put him on my ipod i lost intrest. A cool thing fo you to do for me would be to find his muisc somewhere. I tired the website but they have some java menu that i cant load and i downloaded the sofware for it but it needs to run is OS 9 boo i don't want to wait. Anyway just thowing that out there. I'm good midwest representation anway i mean, I do have a record lable myself, I know a few things

chad said...

yes, you have much smart.

I'll look into the darkside for you.