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Monday, January 03, 2005

Gilligan's Island

I spent the day playing with my pictures, I realized how easy it was to get people to view them. Just use the words - boobs, cleavage, tits, etc... and people will come a runnin'.

I have a few cool pictures but they were just schooled by some mammary glands. Maybe I'll produce some porn. Good money.

I missed the vikings game, they lost, but we are in the playoffs - which is good.

Apple's website is a very nice gesture.

'Fockers' sets two box office records. A little about my sense of humor. I like to be surprised - shocked even... usually with "words" and "thoughts" or even "wit"... on the other hand - a little slapstick can be funny - like Dodgeball. I think, what I have dubbed, "Gilligan's Island humor" is painful. The goofy guy is embarrassed or hurt through a series of misunderstandings and lies is not funny to me. I am one of the few people on the earth who did/does not like "meet the parents" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm". I think you can see them all acting in Curb... you can see them think "what if I say..." right before they talk. If everyone slowed down a second and explained why they were acting the way they were and listened to other people the show would not be funny. Irrational... I am fine being the only one who is truly annoyed by the entire genre (gilligan's island humor) of film and TV, please go back to your DVD "Curb" and we'll chat later... ok, I'll watch it with you.

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Lucius O. Nicholson said...

Maybe it's a Nicholson thing, I hate it you hate it and so does Dad. If I were the skipper I would kill Gilligan, even if he was my best friend, he's screwing everyone from getting off the island.