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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I thought I was being original...

nope - Kidzworld got it before me. (Don't get me started on Xtreme Krazy Spellin')

I was thinking about cyber-crushes: "An attraction to an online persona". You know - blogs, friendster, personals, IM chats, photos, and even google searches. They are fun - that's it.

I am not that original, even "virtual-crush" has been taken. "techno-crush" has not been taken, but it sounds awkward.

so, I shall leave you with the intro to Kidzworld advice column (the italics are mine- bold from article)

Dear Dish-It: Dating - I Have A Cyber Crush

Dear Dish-It is here to help with all your hot tops - from the really heavy stuff to the totally fluffy. Be it a fight with friends, a rough time dealing with school and the peeps in your class or the big problems like bullying, sibling rivalry, self-esteem problems, depression and suicide, Dish-It is here for ya. On the fly, she gives great teen dating advice, some deep thoughts on the hot topic of teen sex (cuz all you peeps keep talkin' about it,) flirting, cheaters, best friends, the straight up on boys and boyfriends as well as the real deal on girls and girlfriends. Listen up you guys... if you're jonesin' for that someone fine or crushin' on that super hottie, Dear Dish-It's got the words to make it work. Need advice on love and life, then just start writin' Dish-It. And now, Dish-It is hanging on the boards, so head on over to see the advice she's dishin' up there!

"cuz all you peeps keep talkin' about it."
why must we patronize kids?
I have a teenaged brother. He doesn't talk like that. His friends don't talk like that. Is it only Marketing people whos be speakin da supah kool?

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