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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Not like this blog has a purpose but I shall ramble.

I woke up with a wet face in the middle of the night.

oh, I shall explain... not that exciting, I sleep with the window open. I had slight flurries in my bedroom with the fun wind and snow.

remember when the internet was "dangerous" when you wouldn't sign your name on anything... because someone might hunt you down? Now I want people to find me. If someone knocked on my door, "Hi, I read you blog." sweet. My first mistake online was in... 1992. Prodigy, baby. I signed up for a "free trial" of TimeLife books. Yeah, not so free. 2400 bps modem. Porn took a lot of patience.

I've gotten to a point where I know I am in a dream and can change little things.

I hate the New York Post and Daily News. Hate. "Cops: Teacher got pal to carve up principal's face" anyway- elementary school teacher had a friend cut up this woman's face for transferring his friends - he is 41. I weep for our future.

Rumsfeld won't be going to Germany. He's been charged with war crimes. I didn't know you could charge Americans. We have nothing JapaneseintermentcampsNagasaki to hide.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian citizenship should be ended over the execution of a convicted killer in the US, a politician in Austria has said. Bold. Arnie has been in too many movies.

The deal aims to tap into Russia's growing thirst for beer, where many still see it as a harmless soft drink. Yeah, I liked Russia.

Running on lithium ion batteries, it can operate for 1 to 4 hours at a time... Operators work the robot using a 30-pound control unit which has two joysticks, a handful of buttons and a video screen. Quinn says that may eventually be replaced by a "Gameboy" type of controller hooked up to virtual reality goggles." neat. yup, robot made for killing in Iraq.

ok, no more procrastination. back to cleaning. then renting my apartment. then planning a party for myself. weee. (Saturday, B-day on Sunday) Then figuring out how to buy a building.

Anyone know a Lawyer?


Chishiki Lauren said...

Arnie has been in far too many movies...and if I remember correctly, he wasn't that cordial when I met him. What kind of hulking, mammoth of an action hero requires bodyguards? Superfluous, I should say. Strip him of a citizenship, he's earned it.

chad said...

I saw "Predator" the other night.

Two US Governors. Predator. Running Man. Batman and Robin. US Governors.

I won't even question why you met him.

Chishiki Lauren said...

Not by choice. I worked in the Senate and he frequented Feinstein's office, down the hall from my personal portal to hell. The man is really orange. That's wrong in so many ways.