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Monday, August 22, 2005

So much time and so little to do...

wait, no, strike that - reverse it.

Bizzaro Chad is on the loose.

This weekend Bizzaro Sporty Chad went to saw the Vikings get trounced by the Jets in a Pre-Season game in New Jersey. The most fun part was the tailgating, even though it started to rain, Sporty Bizzaro was crafty enough to set up a tent on the back of his car.


Then Sporty Chad went to the beach and played wiffle ball. He played baseball in highschool... no, he sat on the bench and watched people play baseball, and then ran for the slow ones, then he played golf.


Anyway, Bizzaro Unpopular Chad realized that though he may like the ocean, the water, the coast, the beach, sand castles, frisbee, and lounging... he doesn't like the sand. His shower was broken when he got home and had to sleep (for the second time in a month) sandy. Not the awesomest. This is the same unpopular chad that doesn't really like seinfeld or curb your enthusiasm... U.C. doesn't speak up much about the things he doesn't like - he may get shunned.

JetSetting Chad is leaving tomorrow for a train trip that will take him from Minnesota to Oregon to California through the desert back to Minnesota to Chicago and will end in Kansas City. Probably no internet. Probably few posts. We'll all cry a tear together... 1...2..tear - good one.

Bizzaro Responsible Chad has to pay bills, pack, get ready to move out of his office, get photos together from his last shoot, clean, call the landlord, and bring his car in to be fixed. This is all before he turns back into Sporty Frat Bizzaro and watches football with his newly engaged friend.

best shot taker - ever


Anonymous said...

So many titles for one person, it's hard to keep up.

Bizzaro's mom

Liliana said...

That's funny; Bizarro Liliana was also on the loose this weekend. She went to a Mets game and paid over $6 for a Bud Light.

Oh yeah, and sand. Totally icky.

chad said...

I'm so glad Bizarro has a mom - she really likes to go camping.

and, yes, the "bizarro" idea may have been borrowed from superman and from one Bizarro Liliana - fancyrobot.com/2005/02/bizarro_liliana.html


Anonymous said...

hey, chad, member that one episode of seinfeld when all the character's had "bizarro" versions of themselves? i love that one. oh, and kansas city DOES have internet access, ya jerk.