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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mr. Authority

I feel like I should post something... I think it is because I am actually getting hits as of late - I think because I have the possibility of being bachelor #2. And people are doing their googling homework, good work kids.


even the news is so-so. These guys robbed a bank of $68 million by tunneling, that's pretty cool...


Let me leave you with something my father taught me. I have a friend that "knows everything". like, even more than me - crazy. It's not that he is smart or even all that worldly... he just is always one-upping people. If he can't one up you, he'll give you random facts to belittle you. I've never heard him say, "I don't know" (probably because he doesn't leave space for questions). Growing up my father had some acquaintances like that. We called them "Mr. Authority". Always the Authority on Everything.

that's all. you can giggle next time you meet Mr. Authority... because we all know them - they are out there, waiting to impress with vast knowledge. (oh, and if anyone thinks I am talking about them - I'm not. Just to have that thought means you are not Mr. Authority)

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