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Saturday, August 06, 2005

News Stuff.

So, this "jet" lands in the water and people live. wow. I didn't think that ever happened - it didn't - it was a 2 prop 42 seater. (CNN has now changed "jet" to "plane" in its article) It's still fantastic when people survive*. (old post about flight)

Not news: I spent today mourning a fictional character. Six Feet Under. Good show.*

Amazingly, "Republican Sen. Rick Santorum ... said intelligent design, which is backed by many religious conservatives, lacked scientific credibility and should not be taught in science classes." First Frist takes a baby step left, and then Santorum? What's goin' on here? The White House shuffle?

Oh, don't get too worried, there are still the history revisionists out there, "

Rumsfeld also paid tribute to the 21 Marines killed this week in Iraq, including the 14 killed Wednesday by a single roadside bomb near the city of Haditha in western Iraq.*

``Patriots, they were determined to stop the terrorists from reclaiming Iraq and from launching more attacks on our people,'' he said."

Oh, OOOHHHH, I remember now, THAT'S what we are doing in Iraq, stopping Iraqis from attacking us AGAIN, duh.

*I don't mean to take death lightly - it is most often very tragic and my heart goes out to anyone who suffers a great loss... When I was training for Wilderness First Responder the instructor asked us a question, "What is the same thing about every one of your patients? ... They all die". (at some point or another - mortality) He was doing this to help prepare us in case of a fatality - so that we didn't take it personally if they died during our care. I feel like death, the act of dying, and mourning are not things discussed openly by our culture, and I think that denial may create even more pain in the end... I don't know.

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