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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Internet. Stud.

I am virtually sexy, totally.

So, the other day I refound my "hot or not" site, and I guess I'm not as hot as I thought. However, I remembered another personals site from the onion - it was suprisingly still active. Now, I have never gone on a date with someone I have met on the internet... infact I've never been on any sort of blind date. So a restarted it.

Now, what I have noticed over the past week - I seem to befriend only girls with piercings in their nose on the internet... why is that? I think I must be compatible to nose studs - or at least the personality that would have one... I don't think I put it down on any preferences, or on my blog or flickr... huh.

You know those games in People Magazine, and the like, where you choose a star by their eyes? let's play with noses, see if you can pick out yours!


Now, part two of my own studlyness started with friendster... I received a message from a stranger, which doesn't happen often. It starts,

"Hi Chad,

This is a bizarre question, I realize, but I work for
the dating section of a large NYC newspaper. I
noticed that you mentioned you're single and
interested in meeting someone (or, hey! getting a
free meal at a fabulous restaurant!), so I wanted to
see if you'd be interested in participating."

my gut reaction - never. but then I asked what paper and mentioned that if I were to do it I wouldn't want to be exploited and that I would be a terrible reality tv star because I am way too honest. She responded with, "Thanks for your message. It's for the NY Post, and if you go to nypost.com/dating, you'll be able to see what it looks like. If you're still interested and
want to participate then, let me know and I will email you a questionnaire!"

I'm totally going to do it, I hope they accept me.

This is the same "paper" that during the weekend some friends remarked, "I don't know how to read this paper. Where is the news" and, "This is all that is wrong with society- illustrated in this daily tabloid."

I could see how this entry might take me out of the running, hopefully they won't find it - but they seem crafty - they even invited a person who writes a blog commenting on the article to be part of the article.

Wish me luck, and I'll keep you updated.

Now, unrelated to my own virtual magnetism - last night I had a few adult beverages... I didn't drunk dial, or inebriated email (which I am trying to coin) but I may have "tipsy texted" (how's that? I'm trying to coin another term - tanked texting? trashed texted? I'll work on it). This morning I looked for some soothing beverage to help me and in honor of Mr. McQ I had blue bawls. They now have clear, sugar free bawls. This stuff preceded redbull and I believe to be far superior.

It saved my life on many a changeover, literally. We even ordered shirts, I lost mine and miss it desperately. Cheers, I'm going to try and work my mojo.


chad said...

oooo - update - I just got this message on IM from echofoxy9666:

"Hi, I just saw your profile, My Name is Emily, 19 from Cali, Just wondering if you might want to chat sometime. I have some pics on my page if you want to check it out, do you have any pics I can see? www*Emily*ru*tf (replace the * with a Dot or period so you are able to go to the site, sign my profile please!)"


sissoula said...

Tipsy texting, I love it! You could even try it with Emily (or not). Hey, was that beard for real?

Scott said...

Now I know you had good intentions, mentioning Bawls and me in the same sentence because it was a favorite drink of mine, but you ended up associating me with blue balls...thanks for that...shoot me some comments next time you're on my blog

chad said...

the beard was very much for real, a little too real - that's why it came off.

and scott? I thought you would like the blue bawls reference. I will post comments on your blog if you can show me proof that you a a girl with a piercing in your nose, that's it, sorry.

eefers said...

i have a stud in my nose. mhmm.

chad said...

EX-act-ly. see, see... I don't get it.

chad said...

amazingly the emily quote from above has garnered over 70 hits today from aol users... very odd... will one of you explain why?