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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mac is good.

Finally. The biggest problem, no - only problem I have had with Macs in general was their lame-ass mouse. These are the people that invented the mouse and they never made a two button mouse, duh.

They did it and, of course, it is smarter than all the other mice out there. Now this isn't a big deal for everyone, but those of us who work with images on the computer - it's awesome. What they have done is made the scroll ball move anywhere in the document. Say you are working in the top left and need to go to the bottom right... usually you would have to move the mouse over to the scroll bars, go down, then go down to the bottom scroll bar and move that over... no more, just move yer little finger, tah dah!

Ah, I know this is way, way dorky - but anything that saves time and annoyance is good.

I am still waiting for everything from Minority Report to become available.

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