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Friday, December 16, 2005

nothin' to report, back to you -

nope, nothin'.

It was my father's birthday, my friend Jeremy's birthday. I've seen some good shows, heard some good music, and tomorrow may be a snow day - depending on the possible and illeagal strike.

Maybe I will try to be entertaining tomorrow. But for now it is bed time, my room is almost clean, and we have a new roommate - cute, little design student. Fun Fun.

Where are the New Year's Party Invitations?

Amuse yourself with homestarrunner and House of Cosbys (as a friend warned me, there is no need to watch #5 of house of cosbys... but the others, oh - the others...)

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sissoula said...

All the best to your father and friend (and cute little design student, and you). I hope those New Year's invitations start rolling in. Happy holidays.