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Thursday, December 08, 2005

I'm in trouble.

OK, I have the iPod video. It is amazing. If you have seen me in the past month you know I probably bring it out once a conversation. Apple is now expanding their iTunes store for more television. Now, I will be able to loose myself in "Knight Rider", see my boy in "The Office", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" classics, and the most deadly? "Battlestar Galactica".

All of you thought that I went to Buenos Aires... nope, just watched "Lost" for a week... now I'm going... um... asia, yeah, asia... somewhere for about a miniseries - I mean month, no 23 episodes - DAYS... a week, yeah.

I will be out of town, starting today, for a week, going to asia, sorry about the short notice, goodbye.

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Liliana said...


And I thought I was cool for flitting off to Colombia. Hmph.