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Friday, December 09, 2005

Nothing important in the world...

I know, let's make up the news.

I live in NYC... Brooklyn, and YES, that is still in New York City.

Supposedly I am in the middle of a terrible snow storm. Or so CNN would have me believe.

Say, CNN, what does it look like outside?
Oh, look at all that snow... what about outside of central park?

Oh, look at how hard that looks... I better not leave the house!

"Winter storm dumps on Northeast 'You shovel it and it comes right back'"

Oh NO! oh NO! I'll just look out my window, right now, and see what it looks like...



so, how about this... use current photos rather than AP File photos... whaddya say? Though, I am excited about our, "doozy of a snowstorm" coming up.

At least it isn't getting any warmer...

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