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Monday, April 18, 2005

It starts.

Yesterday was the beginning of my training for the Triathlon I am going to do in August. I am starting with biking because that is what I am most comfortable doing, it's fun and I only feel like I am going to die a little.

Today we also found out that Armstrong will do this last tour and then retire.

Back to the important things - me.

I started going through Queens,

aloC ispeP

then onto spooky (but oddly friendly and community-like) Roosevelt Island. I even took the tram to Manhattan (you use it just like the metro, very cute)

west east river.

I then saw this guy, he looked sad, and old, and the shoes were not quite right.

that's his JOB.

Then went to the Central Park - It was packed.

baa baa medow

I went around the park once. wheshew. I have to RUN around it once - bike three times. I may die, do say something nice at my funeral - and if you can, I'd like this tomb.

um, excuse me, the boss will see you now.

happy almost spring!

nice flowers


sissoula said...

Great, Chad, that tomb is going to give me nightmares! Tres creepy... I'll try to focus on the flowers. It's a fantastic photo. And BIG.

(and isn't the price in euros?)


chad said...

good spot, yes, I took the photo in france, they had spring a few weeks earlier then we are having right now, it looks great here.

Christian said...

Good luck with the training man. Rock on!

chad said...

maybe I'll start a "quad-athlon" which incorporates speed napping.