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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blogs are funny things... part 6

I was going to link to 1-5... but I am really sleepy - you can search for them if you like, it is a really fun toy.

so, sometimes I am able to see how people end up at my web page. these are recent searches that have brought people to Icopythat;

google - tina fay snl AND "tina fay" bio
MSN search - where do smart people live
google - "britney spears is trash" "pictures"
google - rent spank OR spanks OR spanking "Idina menzel"
yahoo - chubby

huh... what does that say about me?

whatever it may say about me - it is nothing in comparison to the chart topping google - "giant horse cock".


Liliana said...

Never doubt that Fancy Robot is home to the most pressing needs of the Google-using community.

chad said...

never, never.