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Sunday, April 24, 2005


yes, my video from below may need a little explanation for my mom and others - it is part of an application for a summer program,

"The Watermill Center was founded in 1992 to support new approaches to the arts, to provide individuals with unique opportunities for artistic creation and research, and to document the work of its artistic director Robert Wilson and his contemporaries. Located in a secluded, natural, six-acre setting in Southampton, Long Island, New York, the Center is in essence an Academy for the Arts of the 21st century, where intern artists from all disciplines learn in collaboration with established, professional artists."

so the video is a collection of sections from Danny's work that I have taped in the past 4 years.
The first play was the end of NTI when I was an intern there, I chose to direct it. The next was an extra piece done at NTI just for the fun of it- visual and all. the final section is 3 parts from the play that I took to scotland.

All of this shows danny's "new approach to the arts" and that is why we chose those sections.

*fun fact - the guy kissing in the second section is none other than our favorite "Jim Halpert" from "the office".

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