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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


While paddling is banned in Houston schools, Dutton said that under state law a parent can give a public or private school consent to use corporal punishment.

now, I don't even hit dogs, I may have been spanked once or twice - I was threatened more than that - to about age 6, but, really, come-on Texas, so weird.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that's plain silly to start with, but what's really sad is that they get to the point where you need the entire legislative and educational system to come between you and your children so you can raise the properly.

I'm sorry if this sounds pompous or arrogant, but I'm never allowing myself to arrive to that point.

I have every confidence that if I care enough (which I do) I can raise my own children the way I believe they should be raised, without signing a licence agreement allowing anyone access to their buttocks.

PS. By the way, Chad, what do you mean? Of course you don't hit dogs...

chad said...

now... rodents on the other hand... I may hit them.

thanks for your comment, I love pompous and arrogant - and you aren't even close, you must remember I am living in NYC, capital of popous and arrogant.