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Thursday, April 14, 2005

ok, ok, I'm back...

whew... that was long, wasn't it?

I was actually busy. It was fun, educational, and I didn't earn any money. So - I am now tired, smarter, poorer, and running out of room on my computer from taking pictures.

I wrote blog entries on paper... I think they are called journal entries... I don't remember - I try to stay away from "paper". (I'm lying - I like paper. hee hee, fooled you) I don't know why the whole world isn't wireless for me - can you get on that? thanks.

So, this is what I wrote waiting for the doctor,

""Do you have work tomorrow?" is a perfectly normal question asked on a Monday in New York City to a person in their mid 20s… is that weird?

Granted, when this happened to me I was in the Eye and Throat hospital and I looked like warmed over, day-old poop.

So, now I am in the waiting room, possibly for hours. Don’t worry about your unfaithful Icopythat author, he has his powerbook and DVDs – (international action flicks – Bourne supremacy and Ronin)"

Turned out that I probably have some sort of cold that was aggravated by the flight back from france and some bacteria stuff got into my ear... which I can almost hear out of again!

I got through all of Bourne and half of Ronin in the waiting room. Really nice Dr, though. He even had a pack of gum in his pocket so that his breath didn't smell bad.

Another bad thing about being busy - my reading has really piled up, books, mail,Ok, and the New Yorker - I'm about 12 issues behind... at what point do you forgive the loss and just move on to the current week?

Ok, I'll try not to write it all at once - more posts to come, I'll pick out some nice pictures for you... ooo - and some silly news (there has been a lot of that).

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