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Thursday, April 21, 2005

mathematical phrase

Occasionally I watch a show once so that I never have to watch it again.

A week or so ago, someone was trying to keep idle-party-chat going by bring up "Project Greenlight".

Tonight I watched.

I can't believe I got the whole way through. It was like working a really bad job. Why would anyone want to watch? Maybe, they think that is what film making is like.


documentary tv is closer to real, but still not all encompassing.

I have worked on reality shows, 1 "day" really takes 3 days to make. Project Greenlight was made to make for "entertaining" TV, fights and all... to do that - hire some young, excitable, inexperienced egos and give them a power trip.

Part of the episode was firing a very competent script supervisor because she was rightfully calling out the problems with the production and her problems with the first AD (not so good at his job, read: dick). They put in her place, a script supervisor who has only done soft core porn. (they didn't say this, I looked it up)

I think it is really hard to make any sort of show or film about a 80 person, month to three month, community. During the making of a film there is always someone working on some part of the film 24 hours a day.

I guess this rant was brought to you by the wonder of, "why would anyone would want a to watch show about a bad experience?" mostly if it isn't funny, at all.

One more reason I wish the "Lowest Common denominator" was only a mathematical phrase.

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