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Thursday, April 14, 2005

picture time!

this week I was sick, then I had visitors. We went to the Circus.

ella fants

went to my favorite fake park.

bridge 'n' girls

watched arm wrestling on ESPN "the ocho", and then practiced our own form.

arm wrastel

did some clowning in Central Park

Notice the shoes, they are from my mom, thanks mom.

Saw "Tierno Bokar", really frickin' good. (thank you, stacey)

cooked and ate the World Famous Xanadu Bluegrass Brunch.

bluegrass brunch

Heard some good music ala Roland and Greenestreet at the Rockwood Music Hall.

I recovered some more, went to the doctor, worked on a shoot for an improv troupe.



and then listened to some more good music ala Christina Courtin. she is really good. we like her.

Tonight, going to an art opening and dance show.

and more music this weekend - weee.

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