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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chad Nicholson, Chad Richard Nicholson.

ChadNicholsonPhotography.com Go and enjoy yourself.

Do you know what Chad Nicholson realized the other day, not only that Chad Nicholson's full name was "Chad Richard Nicholson" or with the middle initial it would be "Chad R. Nicholson", but the fact that Chad Nicholson (meaning - THIS Chad Nicholson) has very bad googleness.

There is a Chad Nicholson who is a rodeo announcer. (the one who stole chadnicholson.com) and do listen to his Flag Opening - it's awesome.
There is a Chad Nicholson who is a biker.
There is a Chad Nicholson who is a hockey player.
Then you finally have me, Chad R. Nicholson, and a picture of a laundry mat. sweet.
I, Chad Nicholson, am also in law school, a band instructor, play community college football, and got a DWI in upstate NY.

Yahoo is much nicer to chad. Chad is #2 with IMDB there and had my portrait done. whoop whoop.

will the real chad nicholson please stand up?

so, until my photo page goes up (Chad is thinking cnphoto.com ? nicholsonphotography ? chadnicholsonphotography? chadwaytoolonginternetaddress.com ? ) - I hope this will be the official home of the only artsy fartsy Chad Nicholson, that's me.

* Update, Chad Nicholson - me, chad nicholson, is now 2nd on the google list... still behind that other flippin' rodeo Chad Nicholson.


PiggyReese said...

My mom's a Lawyer in Texas. I thought there was only one Laura Cass. Funny right!

Anonymous said...

I love that there is a portrait of you online! Who has a portrait of themselves?! (shhh, don't remind mom.) And of coarse I love the rodeo dude. As for the name of your photo web page...I don't know. I'll have to think about it. Now, I must go and buy a race horse Pondie, surf in Pondie, Australia with my boyfriend from Zanzibar, Pondi Ali Pondi.

Chishiki Lauren said...

Your Mirror Project shot is still at number 4 on google. Other than that, you're all rodea and law school.

Damn, our plot didn't work.

As for the web address, a suggestion:


Always mess with their minds.

chad said...

pondie, the secret is ours.

lauren, give it time and our plan shall come true... I WILL be chad nicholson. and I agree, the longer the better.

chad said...

wait, what was I doing up at 3:42am... whew, and yes - lauren I did laugh at the address suggestion, whew. trouble. and Piggy, nice to see you around - well I've never actually met you, just mom lady, but I am sure you are still a GOOD DOOOOOOG, good dog.