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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Be entertained by TV on your computer.

Wow. I found one of the best, if not THE best, website ever. It is the internet archive, and more specifically, the Internet Archive of Moving images. What this is, is a dumping/storage ground for anything a person wants to put there, it is not only home movies, but real news, full length old movies, and classic cartoons. sweet. What they say,

"This collection is free and open for everyone to use.

Our goal in digitizing these movies and putting them online is to provide easy access to a rich and fascinating core collection of archival films.

By providing near-unrestricted access to these films, we hope to encourage widespread use of moving images in new contexts by people who might not have used them before."

sweet. The layout isn't super cool yet, but I have faith... oh, and for those of you who like to read... they've got a lot of books too.

ooo... I just watched some of the old newsreels - so good. I keep adding to this post, but really - check this out if you like history, or tv, or are bored, or the internet, you know - whatever floats your toboggan.

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