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Monday, May 23, 2005

Even Better than the real thing.

On Saturday I worked on a public event that I can't tell you about yet, weird huh?

This is the story - At the event there was a reporter from the new york times, this reporter will be submitting his story for this Sunday's paper - so he would prefer it if no one else "broke" the story before him. I shall change the names to protect from googlers.

I took pictures for the "mprov verywhere" group on their latest event. it was a "ooftop oncert" across the street from Madison Square Garden featuring the world famous band U3. the following is a report that I will be submitting (some names changed, again)

My experience started with the making of the press pass. I had to get it laminated at Kinkos, and the man in front of me asked me if he could have one. I told him that the pass wouldn't get him very far anyway.

Walking towards the rooftop 2 of the passes fell out of my pocket, the two gentlemen who handed me back the passes read them and very slowly passed them back - like they would hand a 100 dollar bill back. This happened across the street from Madison Square Garden.

Most of the time I was pretty busy taking photos. Except during my quick run-in with a guy named Jake. I was working on his MTV Pilot and he knew the mprov verywhere folks from UCB. He wanted to be a part of the event.

A few things I overheard:
Real Press Guy, "Is it really U3 playing?" - Me, "That's why I'm here."
Dude impressing other dude, "No, it can't be them... the sound quality isn't good enough."
Middle age guy, "It doesn't matter, I couldn't get tickets - this is great."
Guy on phone, "Yeah it's U3 on a roof here, yeah... they're on the roof - they've done this before, and remember last year when they were on the flatbed truck, it's great"
Witty Drunk, "I don't like stadium concerts anyway - this is even better than the real thing."

*update, it is everywhere now - U2 rooftop concert madison square garden improv everywhere U2... so there.


Anonymous said...

watch it. don't be blogging about stories that are not yours only to tell! you do not gain points with your readers that way.

chad said...

wowzers. ouch. send me an email or say who you are - don't be an anonymous hater, man.

now, as for stories that aren't mine to tell... I do believe it was all in the first person, hense MY side of the story. I apologize to any IE fan that has been offended that I gave my report before it was approved.

I don't try to gain points, or even readers for that matter - I am just trying to share my view and my experiences - I don't think my friends and family members will be writing in a major news paper to pre-break a story that already happened.

thank you for visiting and commenting, come again for more ground breaking journalism.