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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I saw the original "Alfie" today. It is heralded as Michael Caine's first great film - rightfully so. I really enjoy seeing the original films before the remakes. I have a problem with remakes... why do them? I understand that there aren't so many good stories out there, but why take a film or story that was done well, and preserved for everyone to see, and remake it?

Manchurian Candidate? Great original, blah remake.
Sabrina? Dito
An Affair to remember? come on now...

I did like "High Society" and "Philadelphia Story" but High Society was a musical - so it was a bit of a tribute.

this leads me to the newest remake - Wonka vs. Charlie. I think it could be good if it is a tribute... I'm sort of a huge fan of willy wonka and the chocolate factory. Huge.

I guess I'll just have to stand in line on Sunday to see star wars... who's comin' along?


anah said...

Charlie & the Choco. Fact. is going to be a lot closer to the book than Willy Wonka. More for children but with a Burton twist.

Mebbe I'll go to the premiere of that one too.

will said...

what about this intollerable honeymooners remake with sedrik "the entertainer?"! this is too obnoxious.

chad said...

we'll all have a charlie party.

I try to stay away from the remakes, however I try to go to films shot in NYC because I know people who worked on them- I may have to wait for the honeymooners- but unfortunatly I may have to see it.

Anonymous said...

I like Wonka too. Like really like it. Bored at work