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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shame on me.

I am drinking "Trump Ice" water right now with a picture of Donald staring at me in front of a red cloud... scary. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera cord to the Trump International Hotel, so you must wait for the pictures... good, moving on.

Steinway Piano Tour - Do it. It is great. Do you like music? Do you know what a piano is? Have you ever heard of a Steinway? Do you like New York success stories? yes, yes you do.

News -

"A high school student was suspended for 10 days for refusing to end a mobile phone call with his mother, a soldier serving in Iraq, school officials said."
Yes, It is that stupid.

Students at Frist's Alma Mater are staging a Filibuster rally, and as I write they are at hour 348. I like them. They have a live web cam and blogging and they are taking the filibuster frist to Washington. I like them. (here is a very good cheat-sheet for those of you joining us today, and for those who need a bullet point catch-up)

A sad lady won $45,000 when her cat, 12 year old cat, was killed by the neighbor's dog. Come on, seriously. I love cats, I love animals, I have loved my animals, it was old, she was sad, I get it... 45,000 times, I get it... but, can you imagine being the guy with the dog?

Remember a few years ago when we were looking forward to a certain prequel? I feel very tentative about the final one, I want to say excited but there is that whole, "fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice... "


Anonymous said...

What about fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me. Put out an actually GOOD episode III that WILL be as deep and dark as it needs to be but nobody will go see it because you had the audacity to introduce someone named Jar Jar Binks and even after you did that you still wouldn't make it better by letting me watch two movies that didn't suck Luc-ass. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

And if you are feeling really dorky you can dive into the ultimate Star Wars dork argument, why did Greedo shoot first. In case you don't know what I am talking about this is really bad.