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Friday, December 17, 2004

Human Safari

It is cold here in London, I expected it, but all of my clothing is dirty and I have to layer it all. Ah well.

I really haven't touched on race much. I am white. So is my Sister. She is also a girl.She has been stared at consistantly for 3 months. I got it pretty solid for two weeks. Last night I was one of the 3 white men in the final dance club we (my sister's local friends) went to. The other men were much older and looked like they were looking for fun they could pay for. I don't think I've been called "darling" and "hotstuff" by strangers before... oh working girls.

Anyway, everywhere we went people would say, yell, shout, whisper, "Jambo" which means "hello, hi" and is used to say to forigners/whites. They use another word when talking to each other. There is even a "Jambo" song to lure the turists to purchase the local mass-produced kitch.

The first thing I noticed upon leaving the airport was the lack of people trying to "help" for a fee, people nearly begging to do things, show you things, take your money. Take your money. I have become incredibly wary of anyone aproaching me on the street. I keep my hands in my pockets walking through crouds. I usually don't even say "Hi" back.

More on social stuff later - ooo, they know so much more about world news than we do. The joys of BBC.

It is nice to stand out... occasionaly. It is also nice to blend in.

London is really expensive.

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