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Friday, December 10, 2004

Nee mee chill.

During the daily rain or two we were inside a church that used to be a slave trading facility. It had a crucifix that was made from the wood of the tree under which Dr. (David) Livingston's heart was planted.

The other rain we were on a side street where locals shoped, having a 7-up.

Markets here are amazing.

People don't hastle us as much. (there is a call to worship outside for the muslims right now - sunset) I think it is because they don't all know english. I enjoy this a lot more.

We saw some traditional African dance last night with a BBQ. I actually remember some of the steps from my classes at NTI.

As for the title of the post - in Niarobi there are Billboards which say "Nee Mee Chill" with happy teens showing a "peace" sign pointed at a 45 degree angle. It means "We will wait [for marrige to have sex]"

I promise I have some great pictures, check back in a week and I may place them everywhere. tah tah.

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