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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Day 2.

no, sorry I'll start with day -1, I was on the plane a lot. For the 2nd leg (9 hours) I was in a middle seat.

Get to Niarobi, it's dark and warm.

We are staying in a very nice guest house 20 minutes from downtown. had some of the local beer.

Day 1, Safari.

lots of animals, pictures are better than words, so you'll have to wait. giraffes (twigga in Kiswahilli) Rihnos ostriges crocodiles and more. We then went to a resturant named "Carnivore". if you can imagine a meat, we ate it. really. if you are wondering, crocodile is a little fishy. We (by we I mean my sister and me) then wandered around the city.

oh, fruit. fruit is AMAZING. normally not a big fan of mango, but come on. then there are the "normal" fruits which are so much better it makes me sick. Pineapple, watermellon, bannanas. You may be saying "they are just fruits, and good already, how can they be any better?"
they can.

Day 2, Museum, Nairobi.

We found our way to the National Museum of Kenya. learned lot's of fun facts about the country. I'm not going to tell you any, but we did. A child on a field trip went out of his line to touch my skin.

oh, Coffee. Seriously. so good.

Went to a tourist trap. everyone loves us, until we leave without buying anything.

They don't have any love for Bush, but they like Americans. (I know this is a huge generalization, but it is from what I have experienced so far, maybe that will change.)

Now back to eat and tomorrow Tanzinia then Zanzibar then back to Kenya then London then MN.

no time to spell chek,

jamba. (that means "hello forigner" but I think it can mean goodbye too.)

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