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Monday, December 13, 2004

Happy B-day from East Africa.

Today is my Father's Birthday. I'm glad he was born... ok, I'm glad I was born too... but I have a great family, so there.

We didn't get a ride with the pretty german, but we did get to ride in the back of a Dulle (truck) for a couple of hours for a dollar. At one point this truck, which is a normal sized truck, had 31 people riding on/in it.

We are now at Nungwi on the northern most tip of Zanzibar which is an independent state within Tan-ZAN-ia. The vice president of Tanzania is the president of Zanzibar - go figure.

Our first half day was spent exploring the white sand beaches. Yesterday we spent most of the day boating through a storm to get to our SCUBA diving spot. it cleared up nicely and it was beautiful under water. I don't have PADI certification. I lied. I didn't die. I have scuba dove (dived) before and took a day course... that's enought to go 60 meters underwater with curent, right?

We are going again tomorrow.

Today was spent deciding whether or not Sister had malaria and then mountain biking for a few hours. A big money earner here is picking seaweed at low tide and selling it in the bigger city... I will always check any purchased seaweed to see where it is from from now on.

Most resort towns I have been to have a very sharp line between the "resort" and "world" here - not so much. I like it that way. there are more locals around and more local spots, it also keeps the prices down.

The morning was spent mountian biking on the beach and through the nearly unpassable roads.

Time for seafood.

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