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Thursday, December 09, 2004

"... but I'll order it from Zanzibar!"

did you know that "Tanzania" was actually pronounced tan-ZAN-ya? Ididn't.

Every place we go is better than the last. Sister believes that she likes things with "Z". making Zanzibar cooler than Tanzinia cooler that Kenya. Try it at home - Zebra vs. Horse.

Beautiful plane ride from Niarobi to Dar es Salaam (Where is Salaam? DAR es Salaam). Nice ocean front city, good hostel. Bad national museum... it was very sad, I have pictures - but for an example - there was a model of the moon lander... it had scotch tape holding it together and the plastic piece that all the small pieces come in... well, they thought that was an intenna and it was part of the model. We had good Thai.

We used the travel book very well and new in advance that the ocean front would be a mess with people ready to scam us, knowing how much everything should cost was great. The Ferry to Zanzibar was very nice, we spent most of the time outside on the deck.Sister saw a dolphin, I saw a sea turtle.

We splurged on the hotel. It is worth it. Beach view, pool, resturant, AC, and some of the most amazing wood work I have ever seen.

Avacado prawn cocktail, lobster, all caught within the last couple days.

oh, we also have a TV, and flipping through the normal Bollywood and news there was a Simpsons Episode. It was when the Simpsons went to Africa. Weird. This was a Satelite Channel. Weird.

Now it is time to lounge. Hopefully I can get some pictures soon, this is a pretty fast internet connection

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