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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Names are funny things.

Bush nominates Spellings for education

Surprisingly, my name was unique in Scotland. It was "very American". I didn't know that. I guess there are a lot of football players named Chad, but it was a country in Africa first. Maybe it has to do with Florida in 2000?

I will be very excited when there is a Chad on TV that is not a jock, prep, or gay... I'm not saying I don't love preppy gay jocks... but I just want to be a hero, who doesn't?

Last night I went hunting with my Minnesota boys.

deer hunter

DougEFresh, My Broker, and My Philosophy Teacher. Many digital deer gave their lives for our entertainment... and, for that, we thank them.

Then came the dreaded buy-back. I am usually a huge fan of the buy-back - and I had never gotten one at this drinking establishment, but last night it was more than one... a few more than one.

Longstoryshort... I woke up with this on my arm. It's not my handwriting. I don't know. I don't know.


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Lucius O. Nicholson said...

Perhapps you really wanted a girls number and you asked fot it in an inapropriate manner, tisk tisk so insted of your number you got the cold not and this mystery girl stormed off, anyway its funny, well done