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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Minnesota Musings 1

I stepped off of the plane and there it was - not the "thank you" lady, but the smell of the cold... the air is different here in MN.

I go to the front of the airport. (This happens every time I come home,) I see a car - their license plate and think, "wow, they're from Minnesota". Every time.

Tort. The word is "tort". I always thought the politicians were saying "court reform". Oops.

My mom bakes for me. There were chocolate chip cookies waiting, and she may make caramel rolls tomorrow.

I went to a TGI Fridays. I couldn't read the menu, the writing was too big and there were too many pages.

I watched TV with my parents in their room. We saw my roommate repeatedly run into a plexi-glass wall on David Letterman. They did it fast, and with "upbeat" music. You can't run into a wall with upbeat music unless it is slapstick. SLAM is more than slapstick.

I know more republicans than democrats in Minnesota.

I'm now going to sleep in my bed that isn't really my bed.

I have probably spent less time at this house than I did in Russia.

This house is almost as big as Russia.

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Anonymous said...

Chad I love you! I know you'll probably be in East Africa before you read this, but I have just discovered you have a blog! I can't wait to feel the MN cold and i know exactly what you are saying about th MN lissons plates. I feel the same way about whenever I see MN Twins caps when I'm home. I cant think one firend of mine who voted rebpublican, and then I remember MN. Our house is as big as Russia. Ahhhh

I'm excited to see you!