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Monday, November 22, 2004

I sez it good.

It's official, I will be home for a total of 5 days from tomorrow until December 30th. Anyone need a place to crash? Xanadu is fantastic.

My mom likes to have family around... all the time. MN for turkey (or tofu) day, home, Africa, Europe, MN for x-mas, and home for the new year.

Who's havin' the party this year? happy new year wee.

Also this weekend was spent at Patty von PatPat's birthday party. Where a good time was had.
trio glance
Charbie, my soon to be partner, and the birthday boy.

hmm... I was just reading an "article" by Bill O'Reilly. The first half was surprisingly well argued. Then he gets silly, "Now, there's nothing factually wrong with that headline. But is it designed to put the Marine and the U.S. in a dubious light? You make the call." Now, Bill, if you are writing, "you make the call" aren't you pressing your own opinion by not actually having two things to choose from but by placing the seed of anger towards the "liberal media"? Is it designed to give people ideas that they believe they created so that O'Reilly's brainwashing plan continues? You make the call.

Then I actually looked at what the "paper" was. The New York Daily News. I read on. My favorite headline was "Naomi bit me, sez fired aide". SEZ... sez. says... it's only one more letter, use it. DAILY NEWS - SEZ. My favorite "article" was this. I started to quote it, but the whole thing is so good, I couldn't do it. The stupidity is phenomenal and it gets better with every paragraph.

Now let me leave you with a toast to my Trapeze Teacher, as he leaves STREB.

jonah backlit

Cheers, good luck.

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