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Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm a Novelist.

Well, I will be a novelist on November 1st... that is when I start my 50,000 word Novel - I will finish on November 30th.

Why not?

You can see the new icon on the right of this page, and visit the organizers here.

Thanks Charles U. Farley for the idea.

I will take suggestions for titles, characters, and anything else you give me.

Wish me luck. Join us.


Charles U. Farley said...

Excellent...good luck. My id at NANO website: jcharlescondeff (damn I blew my cover).

Have I mentioned I like the photos I've seen here?


chad said...

I have already made you my nano friend... and yes, I even knew who you were - don't worry there are only 2 other conn people that check this site, your identity is safe with me.

Thanks, here are a couple of sara - though not the final ones...


cj said...