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Saturday, October 29, 2005

dorkin' out.

So... I spent a lot of money on two new lenses.

They are awesome... what this means for you, loyal reader - is cool new shots, like my new fisheye...

subway fun

The playing with the lenses got me to reading up on how to clean my camera - which very quickly led me to other questions and ideas surrounding my camera... I then spend four hours rereading my camera manual - cover to cover. I don't think I have ever done that before. I dorked out hard core... on a friday night... awesome.

Next dork project - cataloging all of my books and video on a great program called - Delicious Library. All you do is scan the barcodes of your books and DVDs with your webcam and the program creates a visual and factual library on your computer. You can then check those objects out to whomever you wish and the program will set up return times and automatic reminder emails. Big fan.

and in other dork news, I am sure everyone has heard that sulu is gay... did you see the picture? it's awesome...

live long and prosper.


El Profe said...

That new fish eye is cool. Crowd shots should be neat. Yes, I just used the word neat. Speaking of neat, Sulu is neat. Go him!

chad said...

If you need/want a classroom photographer - you know where to find me.