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Friday, May 19, 2006

science fiction... I mean... fact.

I don't understand these three things I read today - science stuff that would make for great tv episodes... here we go...

1)"A musical mystery today surrounded Britain's highest mountain after a piano was discovered near its summit.

Volunteers clearing stones from the 4,418ft peak were astonished when they discovered the musical instrument on Ben Nevis. An appeal has now been launched to find out how and why the piano came to be within 200 metres of the top of the mountain."

Awesome. So weird.

2)"Boyd recently showed how he can slow down a pulse of light to slower than an airplane, or speed it up faster than its breakneck pace, using exotic techniques and materials. But he's now taken what was once just a mathematical oddity—negative speed—and shown it working in the real world."

I don't know what that means, or how it works, read the article and get back to me.

3) this "boyd" that they were talking about above...

he looks like this -

Amazing. He's not even joking with those glasses. The height of nerd fashion.

science fact.

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