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Monday, February 06, 2006


not so exciting superbowl, eh? the commercials... pretty lame as well. I just saw the extended cut for one of the better ones, Stunt City. They cut out my two favorite things on the actual commercial - the cop hitting the biker and the punchline - that the coffee is too hot. Obviously they took these two things out because the first might offend someone and the second... well, maybe they think we really are that dumb, and just wouldn't get the irony. Oh, and don't forget that the rolling stones were also censored for being to racy. Thank you for protecting me.

I also went to a Date Auction held by Party with a Purpose for the Lollipop Theater organization. I didn't buy any humans, I realize now that I probably should have... maybe if they have cheaper drinks at the next one the prices would go higher. That, and if you have high bidders for the same thing, then after the bidding is over you see if both of the high bidders would take the prize for that same amount - that way you get more money for the charity. (I went to a lot of auctions as a child)


I then went to Complacent Nation's New Lost City party. Which would be a super cool thing if you are in the mood. I wasn't, but it was still huge and nice to know that these things happen.

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