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Friday, February 17, 2006

poetry and curling

so, I was searching for pictures of patrick stewart's current girlfriend which lead me to this site and this picture. (below isn't the girlfriend)allow me to tell you a bit about her...

I have been writing poetry for eleven years. I am an active member of The International Society of Poets. I enjoy country dancing, drawing and writing. I have a wonderful husband and also enjoy living in the mountains... My hope is that through my poetry that I might be able to help someone who may need a little experience, strength and hope.

and her poetry...

The Coin In My Pocket

When I'm feeling down and afraid, I look to you and realize that it was not too long ago that my life was a charade.

When I see you I see hope that I haven't seen before. Many times I tend to remember the bad instead of the good, I endure the pain and feel alone once more.

I don't really trust. Many people have let me down and I finally found someone to believe in. I know now that believing in God is a must.

I used to envy those little girls who had the golden hearts with the locket. But I have something more precious than I've ever had before, and I think of it every time I feel the coin in my pocket.

have a nice weekend.

p.s. I am totally in love with the minnesotan curling twins on the olympics... so cute.


Jonah Spear said...

That poetry hit me hard. I am nearly in tears- so powerful. Wow. I mean it in big capital letter:

jah bless

Brian said...

I can't believe how the International Society of Poets has let its standards decline ...

Nice she-mullet, though.