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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

first - hate.

Dear Time Warner:

Remember our good times - when "Da' Best" package really was just that? Remember when RoadRunner Internet really was fast? What happened? ... Xanadu just needed to keep up with the times...

We bought a new LCD HD TV. she is a beaut. We asked you to come and install your highly (through self promotion) praised "HDTV Box". We waited a week. You installed the wrong box, we were promised DVR as well... you did not bring me the DVR, and this is where we began to part.

A week later, after installing our NYCTWC HDTVDVR Box our internet stopped working. We had to wait a week, until today, for you to show up and fix it. 10-2 is what you promised.

You broke your promise. When I called someone named "josh" answered and told me that you, "Canceled the visit at the door"... WHAT??? You came to my door, didn't ring the buzzer and chose to cancel the appointment?

"Josh" called me back, saying we could schedule another appointment. I'm addicted to you, RoadRunner, though I may hate NYTWC right now... I need you. I spoke strong words to "Josh", he said that his supervisor was working on getting me an earlier slot and that you would call me back.

You still haven't called. I'm very sad and angry. At the same time, I know that you are the only one for me. Satellite just doesn't do it for me. I know I spend too much on you, but you are the best. You have a monopoly on my digital world... and I hate you for it.




PS we aren't even getting into how annoying it was to pay your bill or how you won't let me change my name from my other roommate. damn you.

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