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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Good so far.

The "birthday weekend" is going well so far. Nice little party, the apartment looks good. We have our new flat panel LCD HDTV, it is very pretty. People had fun. I liked being able to talk to my friends in my apartment - simple and nice.
Xanadu - in pre-party set-up mode.
nearing the end of the night

Then a little karaoke happened tonight. I don't do Karaoke... it's not my thing - I tried anyway. This was my first time in NYC. There are places where you can rent a room by the hour with your own TV and couches and you BYOB.

you are so beautiful, to me.

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This is my first time try Vimeo on my blog, we'll see how it goes... and do check out the other clip of Dave and Puff the magic dragon.

My real birthday is on monday the 30th. If you need my address for all of the gifts you are sending me, just let me know.

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