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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gosh, I promised brilliance, didn't I?

Nope, sorry. nothing brilliant... I had some fun old journal entries from France and Africa... but they seemed so far away I couldn't post them.

So, here it is. Something trivial. When we went to Russia we were told to bring any brand name thing that we needed. I may have brought a toothbrush and deodorant - what are my brand loyalties?

*deodorant - Degree, the stuff is great and isn't over powering, big fan.
*Toothbrush - Mentadent, full head, hard or medium.
*Soap - Lever 2000... this I am almost willing to change, I just want something non-smell and non "moisturizing".
*Razor - Mach 3. Obviously, though I hate shaving, it's the best.
*Computer - Mac.

those are the absolutes. That's it. The rest are just preferences... Toothpaste - who cares, soda - coke over pepsi, gum - eh, cars - I like good ones I guess (stick is more fun), burgers - Whopper over McDonald's, Fries - Mickey D's over BK, Beer - dark over light, wine - depends on the season (it's getting into red again, weee), Underwear - boxers and boxer briefs over tighty whities (cotton, always), shampoo? hand soap? Paper towels? - whatever, toilet paper - single ply quilted, OJ - whatever's cheapest (but always "not from concentrate"), phone - I've been with sprint? (give me a reason, I'll switch).

That's about it. Did I forget anything? I don't think I fall into marketing much... mostly word of mouth or gifts. Occasionally I am sure I try something for the first time on a subconscious advertising "whim", but I haven't really stuck with any of them.

Last day of Sopranos tomorrow for a while, I hope, so that I can switch photography studios.

Saw Agora tonight. Very nice site specific dance. My roommate had a nice lil' part in it... unfortunately my battery ran out, so you can only see these.

agora 1

agora 2

that was only half of the pool... it's a neat place (picture from before)

I will work on that brilliance thing for you...

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