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Friday, July 08, 2005

What makes an adult?

It used to be that once you were married, had a child, a job, and a home you were an adult.

What is it now? Age? 18 years an adult does not make. 21, hah! After college? A job? The dictionary states:
  1. One who has attained maturity or legal age.
  2. Biology. A fully grown, mature organism.
huh, maturity... I like that one. How does one find maturity?

I tried making our apartment more mature; more art on the walls - fewer posters, my bed is off of the ground, we have matching silverware and plates... I have an office, business cards, a website... I can cook and clean and do laundry (though I may prefer not to do those things)... Why do I feel like something is still not "adult"?

I think the next step is taking care of my body, I have forgotten about that for a couple of years. I need help. I used to be physically active, I am calling out for activity partners. Ideas include (but are not limited to):
Sports: Tennis, Swimming, Biking, Frisbee, Sailing, Squash, Golf, Yoga.
Camping: Canoeing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing.
Eating: Having dinner parties, cooking for each other, wine tasting.
Arts: ... ok, I've got the art viewing/listening/watching down pretty solid, but we can always trade...

I'm serious about this, I have a car, rackets, suits, yoga mat, mad water skills, and a big kitchen. I want to own myself again but I need the regiment and entertainment that others provide.

Who's in?

We can pretend to be adults together... or kids, whichever is more fun.


sarah h said...

i've been feeling much the same way lately, especially about exercise and my body. i just can't seem to get myself to the gym without a workout buddy. when i'm there, we'll work on this stuff together.

chad said...

yeah, same idea... except I don't so much "do" the gym thing, I prefer to play.

anah said...

i'm always looking for yoga buddies.

Christian said...

hey bro,

just say the word. I'm trying to get this West Point Triathlon thing done in 5 weeks.

I'd be for any of those activities.