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Monday, September 17, 2007

53 ft below

today I went to dutch springs. it's an aqua adventure park... a SCUBA playground. there were too many kids underwater when I got there but I didn't get into the water until 2. By that time it had died down a bit.

The group I went with is more of a "sports diving" dive shop. they go out for fun and to get into the water. I want to be taught things, I want technical skills, I want to go somewhere most people can't go - this is why I will be doing most of my things through another dive shop that is mostly tech based. I really believe in safety first when you are doing something where you could actually die... even if it is simple - it's like buckling your seatbelt even when you aren't on the race track, even IF you are an amazing driver, you never know what may happen.

I also won't go with these people much any more because I thought we were going to leave the shop together and then I was asked if someone could hitch a ride in my car on the way back. so I rented a car. economy. they gave me a convertible. It was a great drive until I hit manhattan on the way back. 1 hour = 30 blocks.

We didn't get that deep because two people had already dove earlier in the day (the more you dive the more nitrogen that gets in your blood and the deeper you go the more nitrogen gets in as well. which is bad). I played in planes and buses and boats and fire engines under water from 30-50ft. it was a spring filled quarry. I really love it.

Jonah made his best pot of rice today. I really miss the act of eating. hunger doesn't mean the same thing, but I really want to eat.

174 lbs.

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