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Saturday, September 15, 2007


today I went to a photography town hall meeting. there were about 600 of us and it was very motivating. I am going to start doing stock footage, and with that I can start shooting more for myself and for fun, things I haven't done in a while. I need some waivers/releases/contract thingies for models to sign.

I'm not hungry all of the time, just most of it. I drink a lot of water, and try to keep my mind occupied. I saw a double feature tonight - the brave one and shoot 'em up. they were both entertaining. I would suggest seeing them in that order because the brave one is "realistic" violence and shoot 'em up is hilarious... hilariously gory... which is a good thing.

I went into whole foods to buy uncooked rice, and I ended up getting some cooked brown rice to eat. it had some spice on it, almost cheating, but it tasted amazing. the smells were very difficult and wonderful in the store.

purple rain didn't need a kickstart on her way home. things are pretty good.

I miss eating and drinking.

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