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Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm back


I need a vacation. maybe that is what today will be, a one day vacation. then I get to start planning for the eddie adams workshop... this means creating a portfolio, which is sort of a big deal, and packing. Now, this may not sound like a lot, but I am categorizing a lot of things into "packing and portfolio". like clearing off two hard drives, with hundreds of thousands of photos, organizing those photos and choosing, printing and binding them into a kick ass presentation. I also need to buy boots. I am very excited by this - all of it - but the boots part is very exciting.

I don't shop. I hate it... I think it is just the part that I am spending money on things that I will someday have to replace. So, the things I DO enjoy buying are things that will last a long time, or I will use a great deal. Things like my computer, or camera, or vespa, or bike, or bed.

Growing up, I went canoeing for a month or so every year - I would need to shop for the things that would need to keep me alive, literally. My paddle, leatherman/gerber, boots, and rain jacket were the most important. I spent hours on each of these things. My mother loves to shop - she hates to shop for these sort of thing, it was funny how that worked out.

I still have my boots and jacket from 10 years ago. They are still awesome. I have lost or broken a paddle and knife or two, but they were good purchases. My new boots need to fill another purpose - they need to be flexible, comfortable, and waterproof. These are new categories, so I need new boots.

anyway, weird post, maybe I'll write another.

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