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Friday, June 23, 2006

no links

it's not worth having links...

my roommate made me watch "so you think you can dance" and one of the dancers had a final dance thing to the song, "Breathe Me" which is the last song on the last episode of "six feet under".

Now, that was a great show. great show. but the last episode, and the last moments to which that song is the soundtrack is possibly the best moment of television ever.


and I have watched a lot a television.

anyway, I'm just saying that not every song can tear me up because of a memory - and a fictional memory at that.

Start from season one, episode one. Netflix it. do it.

do it.


Glynnis said...

MMMmm, yes. I love me some Six Feet Under.

When Carolyn and I finished watching it on DVD, we could hardly believe it had ended.

I think I miss Claire and Nate the most.

Pondie said...

I started 6 feet under tonight. it was good it was really good. i'm excited...