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Friday, December 08, 2006

ok, so I am really bad at this blogging thing lately.

I figure the only people left reading, are those that automatically click my link, family members, or people who are google-stalking me.

welcome google-stalkers, don't be ashamed... hopefully you have an unending crush on me and will soon find my home address and send me gifts.

as for the rest of you, I appologize once again. I have many a blog post in my head... and I may just write them soon.


but only if you ask nicely.

in the meantime - I did this.

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Pondie said...

I didn't want to beg, but I think I might have to. I really, truly, sincerely miss your blog. I miss reading about your ambitions to write a novel. The crazy parties you went to last weekend. I miss your links to ridiculous news articles. I miss your picture book posts - you know, you have a picture and then you put a one sentence story underneath it. Most of all, I miss I Copy That.

Please, Please, Please come back to us! Please, Please, you were once apart of my daily routine. I miss it. I miss you... Will you come back?