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Thursday, March 16, 2006

done. settled.

I am switching banks. I have had 6 personal checking accounts. The only one I was happy with got bought out and changed their rules. I am now with Greenpoint Bank-I mean North Fuck- I mean North Fork... I spend over 100 dollars a year on fines. easily. they are fired. done.

I started asking my friends, "what bank do you use, do you like it?"

People like Washington Mutual. I thought it was just a clever marketing campaign. I sort of made up my mind after visiting their site... but then... BUT THEN... I called (the national number on the website) to ask what I needed to bring with me to start a new account... and a human immediatly answered the phone.

Think about that.

When was the last time you called a toll free number and a person answered? I was shocked. I was all ready to start pressing 1 for english and yelling, "OPERATOR!" over and over into my phone with very good diction. I'm joining the revolution. done.

WaMu forever.

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divinemissk said...

hey- i just set up my acct too! they seem to be pretty revolutionary- love their new add campaign (bring out the champagne! ha! classic!)
i'm hoping they set up more atms around nyc though...