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Friday, August 03, 2007

Three J.B.s and a J.M.

I have a few scenarios for you and the players are;

James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, and John McClane.

Please feel free to give the reasons for your answers and an order, if you wish.

1) Fight to the death.
a) Cage match - hand to hand combat, no weapons
b) In the real world*, no support
c) In the real world, with support (M/Q, CIA believer, CTU, Anyone who will believe him)

*by "real world" I mean the world of TV and movies and books in which they live.

2) You are in a hostile zone and you can choose one person to get you out.
a) With support
b) Without support

3) Stop someone evil from doing evil.
a) By any means necessary
b) By bringing him (or her... but it's a him - let's be real) to justice

4) When these characters actually die, how old will they be, and what will be the cause?


Anonymous said...

Oh, goody this is fun.
1) Jason Bourne-hand to hand. He is fast and fit
2)Jack Bower with support. Jack uses all of his resources
3)Jack Bower is best at bringing them to justice
4)James Bond in all sense of the word should be dead now, but his luck with the ladies continues. He will die in bed. Jason Bourne has a long life ahead of him. He just gets stronger with each movie. His weakness is his past. I think that he will die on his real birthday and his real father will kill him. Jack Bower is a loner. His longevity depends on his will to live. Audrey may have to kill him, by some sort of torture, after he marries Chole. John McClane will die of sarcasm, with a one-liner on his lips. He will be fighting off the bad guys for his great-grandchildren.

Brian DeWagner said...


Drop me a line over at The Bleacher Life...I've been trying to track you down re: a stroll down memory lane and Women Walking....Thought that maybe we could do a loose e-mail interview for some fun...Get in touch